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Enhance your natural fertility

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Enhance your natural fertility

Whether you are preparing for conception, have had infertility issues or are undergoing other fertility treatments such as IVF, naturopathic treatments can help to improve your chances of conception and having a healthy pregnancy. For men, natural therapies can help to improve sperm health to improve fertility.

The New Year is a great time to start preparing your body to welcome new life.
Fertility rates are declining, and we are seeing more and more people seeking help after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for years. Instead of the heartbreaking news of being diagnosed with infertility, why not start preparing your body before even trying to conceive?  By optimizing your nutritional status, hormone levels and general health, you will increase your chances of conceiving naturally, reduce miscarriage rates, and prevent complications during pregnancy. Even better, you will be starting off your baby with a nourishing environment that will translate into a lifetime to better health.

Both men and women can do a lot to improve their fertility. Did you know that it takes about 3 months for an egg to mature before ovulation, and for a mature sperm to develop? This means that your health, diet and lifestyle today, will affect the quality of your eggs and sperm 3 months from now. Be pro-active by adopting healthy habits and addressing your health conditions. Nutritional medicine, stress management, herbs and acupuncture are great tools to improve your fertility. Call today to start on your path to good health and great fertility.


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Dr. Priya Prakash, MSc, ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor based in Ottawa, Canada. She blends her passion for healthy living and her skilled scientific background with effective natural healing methods. Her unique approach to primary health care involves addressing the body, mind and spirit, while incorporating current scientific research to guide her treatments.