*Naturopathic services are now HST-exempt


Initial visit: $225 for 1.5 hour visit
Second visit: $170 for 1 hour follow-up
Subsequent follow-up visits:
30 min: $85
45 minL $128
1 hour: $170

Full-time students receive a -20% reduced rate


Pediatric (infants to age 12):

Initial visit: $120 for 1 hour visit
Follow-up visits:
30 min: $60
45 min: $90
1 hour: $120

Acupuncture treatments:

$70 per 30 min session (must first have initial visit + second visit at adult rates above)


We accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as cash and email money transfer

Most extended health insurance plans cover naturopathic visits. Please contact your insurance company to find out your specific coverage. Full payment is due at the time of the visit, and you will be issued a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company.

Please note that any lab tests required and/or treatments recommended (e.g. supplements, herbal remedies, etc) are an additional cost. These are often not covered by insurance plans.